hosted and produced by Mathew Klickstein

bandleader and produced by Mark Johnston

About the Podcast 

NERTZ is an interview-based series hosted and produced by Mathew Klickstein, along with the show's bandleader and fellow producer Mark Johnston.


Original interviews conducted by Klickstein for his book Nerding Out: How Pop Culture Ruined the Misfit have been turned into standalone episodes that help to illuminate the so-called "Nerd/Geek Culture" for newbies and fanboys/girls alike. Discussions range from technology, to pop culture, to conventions, fandom itself, psychology, changing societal mores and even a few (often inappropriate) laughs. 

SPECIAL GUESTS include: Academy Award-winning screenwriter and TV mainstay Diablo Cody, Alex Winter (aka Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure), SuicideGirls founder Missy Suicide, American Splendor's own "genuine nerd" Toby Radloff and co-creator of the "Flo" Progressive Insurance spokeswoman (John Park).

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