hosted and produced by Mathew Klickstein

bandleader and produced by Mark Johnston

About the Podcast 

NERTZ is an interview-based series hosted and produced by Mathew Klickstein, along with assistance from Mark Johnston and Rob Schulte. Starting in June 2020, Heavy Metal Magazine partnered with Mathew to distribute episodes via their streaming and social networks. 


Original interviews conducted by Klickstein for his book Nerding Out: How Pop Culture Ruined the Misfit have been turned into standalone episodes that help to illuminate the so-called "Nerd/Geek Culture" for newbies and fanboys/girls alike. Discussions range from technology, to pop culture, to conventions, fandom itself, psychology, changing societal mores and even a few (often inappropriate) laughs. 

SPECIAL GUESTS include: Academy Award-winning screenwriter and TV mainstay Diablo Cody, Alex Winter (aka Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure), SuicideGirls founder Missy Suicide, American Splendor's own "genuine nerd" Toby Radloff and co-creator of the "Flo" Progressive Insurance spokeswoman (John Park).

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